Friday, September 12, 2014

Today... A Post from Emily's Mom

She's seventeen.
She's beautiful.
She's mine.
At least for now.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pretty Thrifty: My Brand New Flexi Clip

Hi Everybody!
I got a new Flexi clip! 
My mom won it from one of her blog friends, Judith at Whole Hearted Home, as a birthday present for me.
She was about a month early! : ) 
She let me choose which one I wanted and what size. The affiliate links are for Judith's Lilla Rose business.   I considered which size  I needed. The Medium often is too small to hold twisted hairstyles, and the Large is frequently challenged by the thickness of the many different styles of bun that I use. So I went for an Extra Large.
 When I received the Flexi, it was beautiful!! I love the colors. It matches my hair so well, my sister had a hard time getting a good picture of it. 
 But do you want to know what I found out?
Either I have some big hair, or my hair is a different texture than that of the girls in the sizing video. Probably a little bit of both. Still, I can't get even the X large to go over my full bun. What do you know!
I don't show this hairstyle with much pride. I simply wanted to show how much of my hair is contained in the XL. Granted, I was simply trying to get my hair up and not too worried about getting it to look pretty, secure, or neat. In any case, I think I could probably use the Mega Flexi
My goal is to give you an idea of how Flexis fit in my hair. Everyone's hair is a different, texture, and style. 
I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering purchasing a new Flexi. I love mine and I hope you will love yours, too. Click any of the links to visit their website. Have a great week and God bless you all!
Teen for the Lord
Earrings: $0.00
T-shirt (clearance Wal-Mart):$3.00
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
Flexi clip: $0.00
Total: $4.00

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pretty Thrifty and Camp 2014

   Hi everybody! I have been EXTREMELY apathetic in my posting. I'm sorry and I will try to better.
The truth is I haven't had a lot of free time and posting hasn't been a top priority.
Church camp was great this year! I had a lot of fun. I learned that I have to know God's love and I have to learn to love Him truly. In loving Him I will be trying to please Him, so I will love others, and righteousness will fall into place.
  As for the fair projects, my cake made it to the state fair as did one of Amy's pictures.We haven't gotten them back yet, but I believe we will soon.
  These are pictures of a couple of my summer outfits.
  Please be praying for our family. We are expecting A LOT of people at our restaurant this week and need prayer that the people will come and that we will simply have a good week.
  God bless you all. I thank you for continuing to read my blog even when I'm not faithful to post very often. That reminds me of a post I wrote a year or two ago. Click here to read it.

Jewelry: $0.00
Skirt( Given to me): $0.00
Jacket: $1.00
Sandals(thrift store bag sale): $0.25
Total: $1.25

Blouse (garage sale):$0.50
Jeans (thrift store):$3.00
Shoes (thrift store):$2.00
    Here are a few of my camp photos.
   My sister is telling me I look Asian at the moment. Weird.
2013. Yeah, I know it says 2008.
2014. I was proud of myself. I was able to get all my stuff into one suitcase, a backpack, and a sleeping bag. No extra purse and pillow. Yeah!
   My youth counselor, Karissa. She just got married this summer. Yeah!
    My best friend at camp. This was her last year as a camper. Snff,Snff!
Love you, Jenna!
                                             Camp theme was #NEXT LEVEL.
   We had so many campers this year that we ended up with two extra dorms. We were teamed up with the girls in Dorm 7 and we were in Dorm 1. Thus is the origin of Dorm 17.

   Well, talk to you later!
Teen for the Lord