Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pretty Thrifty: More about me!

Here's some fun facts about me:
1. I'm super competitive.
2. I like horseback riding.
3. I freak out if I can't touch the bottom of the creek easily. Who knows what's down there!
4. I feel the same way about the ocean.
5. I've never gone to public school.
6. My hair is more than 2 ft long.
7. I enjoy anatomy.
8. I want to do missions.
9. My hair has never been dyed.
10. I have lived in Missouri for most of my life.
11. I've listened to "Adventures in Odyssey" most of my life.
12. My dog likes to eat grapes.
13. I really like "Pirates of the Caribbean".
14. I like the color fuchsia.
15. I like Mexican food, but nothing very spicy.
16. I love to quote movies, books, audio dramas, skits, etc. with my brother and sister.
17. I've never had a cup of coffee.
18. I didn't get my driver's license until I was seventeen.
19. I really hate sewing with a pattern. It takes too long!
20. If I were a fictional creature, I would be an elf.

  Well, now you know twenty things about me! What is something interesting about you? Comment below!

 Outfit One Total Estimate: $3.00
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 Outfit Three Total Estimate: $4.00

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pretty Thrifty: Loving Him Even Before You Meet!

©2015 Amy Lane Photography
Cardigan (I don't know where I got it! oops!)
Skirt: $4.00
Jewelry (given to me)
Total: $8.00

   Have you or did you think a lot about yourr future husband when you were a young? I know I do. I dream of what I want. I try really hard not to say,"He has to be so tall, this ethnicity, his hair has to be this color, etc..." .
Think about that...
Isn't that a way of putting God in a box? What if  he doesn't look anything like what you think you want? 
I'm not saying that if you really like a eye color, hair color or a certain weight that it's wrong. I first made  a list of what I wanted about three and a half years ago. I've made four or five, I think, and they have had some of the same things, but some things, especially what I want him to look like, have changed a lot.
I think one of the best ways I've heard it explained was by my former youth leader, Karissa. She used to say that, basically, you can make a list, but God will change your heart to love the man that He has for you.
For example, she would never have thought she would marry a man with a goatee, mohawk, and tattoo. But he was the man God had for her, and she loves him totally. 
You simply have to let your list be flexible to God's plans.
Sounds like our entire journey with Him, right?  ~Ha, Ha~
So, go ahead, make a list! List what you think you want. List his characteristics, too. (That's what I've found to be the most consistent in my lists.) 
Pray for him. Make a little journal writing prayers or letters to him. 
It may seem silly, but if you are nurturing that love for your husband even before you meet and marry him, I believe that love will be all the stronger. 
May God work in each and every one of your lives to bring you the right man or nurture the love that He has already brought you. 
God Bless,
Teen for the Lord

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