Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting to know me, getting to know all about me...

   Yes, if you've seen The King and I, then you will likely recognize my title. I quote movies and sing songs all the time. It's actually a lot of fun!
   But honestly, I don't have much to write about today, so I'm going to tell you some things you may not know about me. Here it goes:
 1. I love to sing and listen to Disney/Show Tunes music.
 2. My favorite Disney Princess is Pocahontas.
 3. I used to be deathly afraid of moths.
 4. I love to break out in song even in public!
 5. My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip.
 6. I can fold my tongue into a three leaf clover.
 7. I ceremonially suck a binky every year at Christmas when we decorate our tree.
 8. I own a pair of hunter orange ankle socks that I often wear with my boots.
 9. I have never been to the ocean and am scared to go because of sharks and poisonous things buried  in the sand.
 10. I have never been stung by a bee or wasp (sweat bees not included).
 11. I am not shy, and I don't embarrass myself easily.
 12. I have never had a boyfriend.
 13. One of the leaders at my youth camp thought for a moment that I was a counselor last year. I promptly in formed him I was 15.
 14. I love to play basketball, but I foul the all time. : )
 15. My favorite book is The Princess Bride. (Yes! It's a book!)
 16. I have written two unpublished books.
 17. I cannot make up a joke!
 18. My favorite musical is Singing in the Rain.
 19. I have been writing worship songs for about four years.
 20. If I could travel to any country for pleasure, it would likely be Spain, Italy, Israel, or China.
 21. I wouldn't be able to decide!  
     So, do you feel like you know me better?
     Good! (You said yes... right?)
     Have a great week!
     God Bless,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


  Good morning, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day and a great weekend. Here in Missouri we are having weather in the area of  40 and 50 degrees. It has been great! We even got to do some yard work yesterday.

  When I got up this morning, my dad was watching a sermon on his Ipad. The speaker was talking about the fact that we need to be available to God everyday. Now, I'm homeschooled. So it's very easy for me to think I can't help. But it's not true. God always has some way for you to help. Kind of like with your parents. They ALWAYS have something you can do around the house.

  So don't get discouraged. And don't give up. Some days it will be obvious what He wants you to do, others, not so much. Just keep praying and asking Him every morning for direction. He'll show you what to do.

  Have a blessed day!
  Teen for the Lord

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

King David, Shakespeare, and John Branyan

This morning I was reading Psalms 30:8-9 which reads:
    "I cried to You, O Lord, and to the Lord I made supplication. What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit (the grave)? Will the dust praise You? Will it declare Your truth and faithfulness to men?"
   Why is this significant? Because it is bold! And bold is not something that is found in religion. Let me define what I mean by religion. The kind of religion I am talking about is legalistic. It lacks the love and leniency that we experience as Christians. It is also what people think of when they think of the Jewish laws in the Old Testament.
   David was a man who looked beyond the rules to the relationship. But he knew that his God was all powerful and could take away all that he had in an instant. Yes, he fell and sometimes quite hard. Gosh sakes, he had a man killed after he was with the man's wife and then married the woman. But he repented, and when, as a result of his sin, their son died, he rose, washed himself, and worshipped God in the temple! (2 Samuel 12:18-20) Truly David was an incredible man.
   David was a man of bold faith. He was a man who didn't strive to please men, but God. Did that mean he was unconventional in his beliefs and worship? Probably. I do know that he didn't worship conventionally. (2 Samuel 6:14-23) But God was pleased by it.
   David spoke to God on a one to one bases. In this passage, David was reasoning with God. "If you let me die, who will praise you and declare your truth? The dirt?" David knew God's character, so he was bold in prayer.
   I think we can learn a lot from David. But what I want you to come away with is that our faith needs to be bold. You wouldn't ask your parents for five dollars and then not expect them to respond. Would you? It's the same way with God. He has immeasurable wealth and our requests are the equivalent of that five dollars.

   But what does that have to do with Shakespeare and John Branyan?
   Well, David liked to write psalms which were kind of like poetry. Which leads to Shakespeare, which leads to John Branyan, which leads to The Three Little Pigs, . Enjoy this video. It cracks me up. I love it!!
   God Bless you guys!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Texas and Teen Talent

Hi! I'm back! Our computer has been having a lot of problems. Thus no posting. I promise, once my computer is working right again, I'll post a Pretty Thrifty. But since I can't right now, I'll tell you what is going on in my life.
  1. Monday morning my dad and I set out on an excursion to the Lone Star State. Yep! I went to Texas!!  Okay, before you start to think that I'm a romantic who thinks that the Texas is entirely peopled by cowboys that ride their horses everywhere.... stop!
 The reason is, I have never been out of the four state region of MO, KS, OK, and AR. Okay.... I crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois for about five minutes when someone took the wrong turn in St. Louis... but that doesn't really count. And everyone else in my family had been out of the four states.
So when I got to Texas, I let out a scream. (I know, melodramatic. But, that's who I am.)
  2. I spent seven hours reading a 500 or so page book and finished it, and then found out it was a series and the library didn't have the next one. So I have to wait a week until we go to our local library to see if they have it.
  3. I am preparing for Teen Talent Expo, which is being held at my church this year. (Yay!!)
  I'm going to sing 'Don't Deserve You' by Plumb.
  I'm going to perform an interpretive dance solo to 'You are for Me' by Kari Jobe
  and a group dance to The River by Meredith Andrews.
  Also we are doing a human video to 'Bombs Away' by Jonathan Thulin.
  So that's what's going on in my world.
  How about yours?
  God bless,


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