Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Texas and Teen Talent

Hi! I'm back! Our computer has been having a lot of problems. Thus no posting. I promise, once my computer is working right again, I'll post a Pretty Thrifty. But since I can't right now, I'll tell you what is going on in my life.
  1. Monday morning my dad and I set out on an excursion to the Lone Star State. Yep! I went to Texas!!  Okay, before you start to think that I'm a romantic who thinks that the Texas is entirely peopled by cowboys that ride their horses everywhere.... stop!
 The reason is, I have never been out of the four state region of MO, KS, OK, and AR. Okay.... I crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois for about five minutes when someone took the wrong turn in St. Louis... but that doesn't really count. And everyone else in my family had been out of the four states.
So when I got to Texas, I let out a scream. (I know, melodramatic. But, that's who I am.)
  2. I spent seven hours reading a 500 or so page book and finished it, and then found out it was a series and the library didn't have the next one. So I have to wait a week until we go to our local library to see if they have it.
  3. I am preparing for Teen Talent Expo, which is being held at my church this year. (Yay!!)
  I'm going to sing 'Don't Deserve You' by Plumb.
  I'm going to perform an interpretive dance solo to 'You are for Me' by Kari Jobe
  and a group dance to The River by Meredith Andrews.
  Also we are doing a human video to 'Bombs Away' by Jonathan Thulin.
  So that's what's going on in my world.
  How about yours?
  God bless,

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