Saturday, April 9, 2011


   Compassion is sometimes hard to show. Like when your brother is being so annoying you just yell at him. Or when your little sister won't pick up all her stuff in your room.

   But other times its easy. Like whrn you see your friend and her parents are getting a divorce. Or her cat died, her dog ate her homework, ect. It's easy in these situations because its your instinct to reach out to people that are hurting, at least its some peoples instinct.

   But we should always be showing compassion. Jesus did. Yeah, we'll mess up, but we should try to control ourselves. You know?

   I mean, your friends, lets face it, you probably won't know when you grow up. But you're more likely to know you're brothers and sisters. You're more likely to know you're parents. And if you don't know them, I hope you know God.

   Just because our families are family doesn't mean that we should treat them like yesterdays chopped liver. We should love on them and care for them.

   Now, I'm not saying I know how to be the perfect sister. FAR from it. I'm not even close to the best sister.

But, I am saying that we all have room for improvment, including me.

   But that won't happen onless we persevere, trust in God, and get back up again when we fall down.

   Good luck!!
        Teen for the Lord

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