Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Resurection Day!!!!!

   That's what my mom calls it. It puts it more into perspective I'd say. It's not about bunnies, or chickens,
or eggs, or any of that. It's about what Jesus did for us on the cross. He bore our sins to calvary. He was beaten, mocked, flogged, and crucified. The way that He loved us, the world, so much he died for all our sins. I don't think many of us could take that kind of beating and still love God.

    But the worst part would have been when God, the Creator of the universe, Jesus' father, our Lord, turned His face away from His son. that must have been extremely hard. I can't imagine it. It's gotta be hard enough when an earthly faher turns his back on you, but your heavenly father? That's tough.

    Then after He died, He was layed in a tomb for three days. After those three days these ladies come to put spices on His body, and they said, " Who will roll the stone away?"

    That was a fair question because the stone to that tomb had been sealed to the cave somehow and there was a bunch of Roman soldiers gaurding the tomb. Or so they thought. When they got to the tomb they found an angel sitting on this stone and the soldiers were gone. The angel told them to go and tell the other disciples that Jesus had risen. So they ran as fast as they could  to tell thier friends. They of course could not believe what they had heard. So a couple of them ran to the tomb and found it empty.

   And that's the gospel. Jesus came born of a virgin, taught the people, fulfilled the prophecies, died on a tree, and rose from the dead after three days. Then after showing Himself to His disciples and some others, He ascended to Heaven.

   No one is  perfect, and we all need forgiveness.

" For all have fallen short of the glory of God.."       
" If we confess our sins He is faitheful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteuosness..."


Saturday, April 9, 2011


   Compassion is sometimes hard to show. Like when your brother is being so annoying you just yell at him. Or when your little sister won't pick up all her stuff in your room.

   But other times its easy. Like whrn you see your friend and her parents are getting a divorce. Or her cat died, her dog ate her homework, ect. It's easy in these situations because its your instinct to reach out to people that are hurting, at least its some peoples instinct.

   But we should always be showing compassion. Jesus did. Yeah, we'll mess up, but we should try to control ourselves. You know?

   I mean, your friends, lets face it, you probably won't know when you grow up. But you're more likely to know you're brothers and sisters. You're more likely to know you're parents. And if you don't know them, I hope you know God.

   Just because our families are family doesn't mean that we should treat them like yesterdays chopped liver. We should love on them and care for them.

   Now, I'm not saying I know how to be the perfect sister. FAR from it. I'm not even close to the best sister.

But, I am saying that we all have room for improvment, including me.

   But that won't happen onless we persevere, trust in God, and get back up again when we fall down.

   Good luck!!
        Teen for the Lord

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We will miss this

   Howdy folks!

   Today was a ruff day for my mom. We haven't been on track this week in school, and various other things.

   The good news is that we are calling spring break!!!

    So on the way home today a song came on K-love, the radio station we listen to, and it was perfect for that situation. So I sang along with it, and she almost cried. Then I think Amy said something silly and I started singing the words to this song.

    You're gonna miss this.
    You're gonna want this back.
    You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast.
    These are some good times. So take a good look around..
    You may not know it now... but you're gonna miss this.

   That song has meaning in our family because my mom first heard it while we were going through some really hard stuff. So when we go through somethin' we sometimes sing that song. It's a good reminder that little kids don't stay little forever. Teens aren't teens forever. And people change all the time.

   So, take a good look around....... 'cause you're gonna miss this.



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