Friday, March 16, 2012

A is for Art of Argument

 To start off , you should be warned that this is a wonderful resource that you will want to read along with you kids... or they may be the one pointing out fallacies to you!! I already am pointing things out to my mom. It is sooo cool!

  Anyway, this is a wonderful course! I have extremely enjoyed it. It's an eye opener. There are so many fallacies (distractions from the real argument) in everyday life. Especially on TV. Now I don't have television so I don't see so many. Politics are also filled with many fallacies like, fear, chronological snob appeal (arguments that make you want to fit into the newest or old fads), ad hominem abusive (abusive language), ad fontem arguments (arguments against the source), and many, many more.

  It is very easy to understand, it doesn't drag you into lengthy descriptions of the Latin words and it doesn't even take that long to do each section. ( I'm reading one Fallacy at a time.) I am very enthusiastic about it. I love learning things like this. It's kind of like reading a mystery book.

  I have noticed some sentences here and there that were poorly constructed, and there are a few misspelled words. But those are the only problems I have had.

  I highly recommend this course to anyone 6th grade and up. Including adults. It really is that interesting and informative. 

  For more details go to . I hope you purchase this product. I don't think you'll regret it!

God Bless!!


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