Wednesday, April 25, 2012

J is for...

  Jehovah Jireh-
  He will provide.

 He will provide. He will take care of us in the day of adversity. He will love you no matter what you've done. He will provide the peace you long for when you search for it under His wings. He will provide the money for your next set of bills or the bills now. He has provided the atonement for our sins. He has forgotten the sins we have repented of. He has provided us a place to go when we need to cry. He has provided us time , resources, talents, joys, love, faith.

  He has, and will, provide. We don't need to worry, doubt, or question.... we need to just trust in His promises and live our lives as a praise. We are the Body of Christ, and our Father is  I am.

 So, I have just one question...
 If He is SO great, why are you going it alone?

 Trust in Him.
 He WILL provide.


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