Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Delight

Love - Love - Love -
  Is the beat of your heart.
Peace - Peace-  Peace-
   Flows over me.
Grace - Grace - Grace -
   Is in your eyes.
Joy - Joy - Joy-
   Is on your face.

You delight,
  As I bring praises.
And  a smile
  Comes to your face
As I worship you
  And magnify your name.

Strength - Strength -
  Strength is in your arms.
Fire - Fire -
  Burns in your eyes and
Love - Love - Love -
  Still  holds me captive.

 For you delight,
  As I bring praises.
And  a smile
  Comes to your face
As I worship you
  And magnify your name

Emily Lane
Teen for the Lord

Copyright 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pretty Thrifty Demolition

You're probably wondering what's being demolished. Wait for it....

A mailbox.
It's one of those things you think will never happen to you until it hits you... literally.

 Here's my brother.
 Nice looking chap, isn't he?
 (I love you, Micheal, and I know you won't hold this against me in the very near or late future.... right?)

  Anyway, he was riding down the road on his bicycle, minding his own business, when a brick mailbox had the nerve to block his path. Without time to maneuver away from the fateful mail receptical, he promptly ran into and demolished the exterior and the 4 inch post in the interior. After falling, and my sister searching for help, a mowing service stopped by to investigate the situation. They called 911 and the police arrived post haste.
  The owner of the dismembered mailbox did not press charges, and Michael escaped the eye of the law.
  Upon reaching home, my parents decreed he must go to the E.R. immediately (they had dismissed the EMT).
  After an IV, CT scan, and other inconveniences, he returned very much alive and simply bruised.
  So ended his little escapade and began his recovery. He's doing well.
  Now my cat and I are sick.
  Prayers for all of us are appreciated.  I have a virus, so please pray for protection for my family so they don't get it, too! Thanks!

  Here is the next Pretty Thrifty.
  I actually have outfits outfits for this week.

I made the scarf from an old tank top.

Giveaway and they're my favorites!
 Scarf (repurposed tank top,
 garage sale) = $.25
 T-shirt (garage sale) =  $1 or less 
 Jeans (garage sale = $1
 White flats = $.25
  Earrings = FREE
  Total = $2.50

This scarf was made from a couple pillowcases. Any ideas how to wear it?

  Scarf (repurposed pillowcases) = $.25
  T-shirt cleanance = $3
  Tank-top (thrift store $5 bag sale) = $.25
  Jeans (garage sale) = $1
  Boots (garage sale) = $1
  Total = $5.50

I absolutely love this skirt! 


 T-shirt (garage sale) = $1 or less
 Belt (bargained at a garage sale) = $.25
 Skirt (thrift store $5 bag sale) = $.25
 Sandals (thrift store $5 bag sale) = $.25
 Earrings (giveaway) = FREE
 Total = $1.75

I like country, and it's my favorite style.

Blouse (Wal-mart) = $5
Belt (bargained at a garage sale) = $.25
Jeans (garage sale) = $1
Boots (garage sale) = $1
Total = $7.25

Teen for the Lord

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Pretty Thrifty

Last week I noticed that my drawers were a big  mess. So I started sorting them, which led to cleaning out my closet, which led to getting rid of a lot of my clothes. I don't remember the last time I got rid of that much stuff. I have to say, I was pleased with myself.  ~~ smile~~

    Then yesterday I had a thought; what if I endeavored to wear all of the items in my closet and posted the outfits? I could make sure everything I have is something I'm actually going to use and figure out what I can wear with them.
     Plus there is a fallacy that has been going around; some people seem to think you can't shop cheap and look cute and fashionable.
     Although I'm no expert on fashion, I'm here tell you that is a lie! 
     That's another reason. Almost all my clothes are second hand!
     Anyway, here's the first installment of  "Pretty Thrifty". 

    Who says you can't rock a T-shirt and Jeans?
   (I rolled up the legs to form a pair of cute, modest, shorts/capris.)
Looks like Rain

Oh well!

Bring it on!

Earrings: made by me
 Vintage "Hope" camp T-shirt: $1
   Garage sale jeans: $1
   Clearance flip flops:  $1

     If you've got a "Pretty Thrifty" outfit, link it up!

God Bless,
Teen for the Lord

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Camp Pics

Ready for camp!!!
Let's go!

                                                                           Or not.
   About an hour into the trip, we heard a bang.
You can guess the rest.

  Don't judge. 
We sat there with a blowout for almost three hours.

Finally we reached camp at 5:00 p.m. 
Mind you that check in is at 2:00p.m.

But it was all good. We got in our dorms, had dinner, and went to service. 
The rest of the week was good. 
But again on the way back home, we had car trouble and another three hour delay.
Good times.

 But back to camp photos.
My dorm was packed. We had about twenty girls and two counselors. 
Don't worry, nobody died. 
(Not quite, anyway.)
~ ~grin~ ~

Dorm 4 Rules!!

Every body say "Cheesy?"

How dare you take my picture?!

Christi and Mallorie.                

 Karissa Whited (my counselor) was painted with an Alabama "A".
( The head counselors are from Al.)
Marianne is painted as the "Razorbacks", 
" the enemy"!

  Elissa from Christpoint Church in Joplin (also a counselor) 
   and Christi.

 Thursday we had a competition for the most creative/worst outfit. 
Naomi was a Lady Bug. 
I'm not sure what these guys were supposed to be!

Spencer.... I just don't get it.

The guy with the pink and yellow socks broke the rules!  No shorts above the fingertips!!

Bryce made this skirt out of duct tape.
 He and another guy won. (See last pic.)

I have nothing to say...  nothing at all.
A bunch of guys  in this dorm had dyed hair.
Another Alabama "A" from JFWC.

           Cowboy gone skater?   Or skater gone cowboy?    You decide!                                                                                             

"I declare the Winner!!
 But, I have to ask, are you wearing anything under it?" 

I think he was.

(Eddie, head counselor for guys, is to the far left.)
(KK, head counselor for the girls, is to the far right.)

 At Onondaga Cave.
The Twins.

I think these are called soda straws. They were all over the cave.
This just looks really cool.
The cave was beautiful, but my camera didn't like the
dark too much. Then it died about three quarters through.
~pouty face~
 Me and Jenna
(an old camp friend).

I had a wonderful time at camp this year. So far my favorite year, actually!
I can't wait for next year!

Thank you, God, for all you did for me at camp. It was awesome!!

 God Bless you all!



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