Friday, October 31, 2014

Pretty Thrifty He Carries Us Through

   Hi everybody! I know I haven't written (again) in a long time. We are so busy with school and our restaurant, I just don't have a lot of time to blog. Today being Halloween, and us being so tired, Mom declared a school holiday! So we're watching Love comes Softly. I haven't watched it in a long time and this scene struck me. The reason being, we've been having a really hard time. And I have been angry. The only person I can find to blame is God. As I've said before, I know this isn't right. But I sometimes feel exactly like Marty. Clark is right though. Just because we fall when we are walking with God, it doesn't mean that HE tripped us. We just hit a bump in the road. Sometimes it takes longer to get up when you fall, but no matter how long it takes, we can count on God to pick us up and carry us through. Who knew a Hallmark channel TV show could be so deep? ~smile~

 Amy                                                      Matthew                            Michael                    M

T-shirt: $1.00
Flip flops:$1.00
Necklace: free
Total: $5.00

Teen for the Lord

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  1. It is so good to learn lessons from the Lord - in whatever way He gives them. I am so glad you are following the Lord... you are developing habits right now, that will follow you all of your life... habits of frugality, thankfulness, honoring God, obedience to parents and more... That is great. Thank you for sharing this. :)

  2. Your skirt is darling and even more cute at $3! I have to say that I cry at Love Comes Softly every time at the bench scene overlooking the valley. So much truth there. May God give you the strength to be a blessing to your family during this trying time!

    Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)



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