Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's a Wonderful Life

     Happy New Year everyone!
     Sunday evening we rented Maleficent. It was really good! The movie tells the story of Maleficent and is an epic story of of forgiveness and redemption. It was quite remarkable how it portrayed actual hatred, hurt, and forgiveness in life. It was really enjoyable and I liked it better than the original Disney that I remember. Mind you I haven't seen it in years!
     After that, we watched It's a Wonderful Life. Being older than when I saw it last, I watched it with new eyes. It's a deep movie. It really makes you think about what you've done or want to do with your life. It makes you wonder if you are making a difference.
     At the very end of the movie, George receives a book from Clarence, his guardian angel. In the front it says this, "No man is a failure who has friends." If there is anyone in this world that you call a friend or calls you a friend, then you are making a difference. You are changing their lives. You have worth and value. Don't waste it. Go and love people. That is your mission. Don't get preachy to people. Love them into the kingdom.
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God bless you guys!
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