Thursday, March 3, 2011

Traveling Onward

Traveling Onward
By: Emily A. Lane

In the clouds
It first stirred.
Then it came plummeting,
Down to earth.

Swift or slow,
Through rain or snow;
Over high and low.

Over grassy plains,
Blazing deserts,
Through humid jungles,
Over seas, oceans, lakes,
Rivers, and streams.

Through the forrest
Deep and dark.
Over and through cities, and streets;
Bridges, and buildings.

Across the country
Through thick and thin;
Over meadows, mountains, and hills.

Across the flowing waters;
And through echoing caves.
Down the road,
Driveway, and path.

Up on my porch
It climbed at last;
To rest upon my chimes of brass.

Such is the plight
Of the wind.
Always blowing
Around the bend.

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