Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Untamed Land

        The Untamed Land
         By: Emily A. Lane

    When I look up I see                         
A spreading field.

   Green with grass,
Shining in dew.

   Full of life,
All anew.

   Past the stretching plain,
Is a forest guarded by nature.

    Stealthy creatures by night,
Singing song birds by day.

    Passing messages tree to tree,
Run the squirrels with unlilting glee.

    In the middle lies the river.
Calm and steady.

    Tumbling over sticks and stones,
Always ready to guide you home.

     This one sure compass, that never fails,moves with ease.
Ripples made by the slightest breeze.

    Keep on going. You will soon find a lush pasture.
Grazing cows wade threw grass, unharmed and calm.

    Peaceful and tame,
But unaware they're playing a game. The game of survival.

    Survival in tame land,
Survival in untamed.

    To every creature,
It is the same.

    But I prefer to to return to my land,
Of untamed creatures unknown to man.


  1. This is absolutely poetic. I love it.
    You've a talent for words dear one.

  2. WOW!
    I never knew you wrote this stuff! Great job!
    Love you!



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