Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beauty through pain

   Although the Joplin tornado hit near our house we had no damage. But, we have positively been effected by it! We have been housing relief workers for the last two weeks. 2 to 40+  people every night. Now that's a full house!! Not to mention the volunteering.

  So as you can see, we have been very, very busy, and not had much time to do alot of stuff. plus our computer has not been working very well, and I don't get on very often. So all in all that is why I haven't been writing.

  I don't know how many of you have been looking at pics of the devastation, or if you've been out there.
But one thing that stood through it all was a humongous cross, Isn't that just like God? I mean, through all of that He kept that cross standing.  " Lo, I am with you alway. Even to the ends of the earth."  (Or the end of the tornado).

  That and our flag. In some places there are flags. Now they may have been put there, or they may have been sustained through the storm.

  There was this guy, I don't know his name, but he was sucked up in the tornado. He saw what was happening from inside the tornado! Then thay found him Academy Sports. A couple broken limbs but he was alive. That should not have been. He should have been dead. But for some reason, God knew He needed to stay here. It wasn't his tome to go. Is that not incredible or what. If that's not God I want to know what is.

  And the lady whose car got wrapped around a tree, and the guy in her backseat opened his door and let her out. She later realized, there had been no one in her back seat when it happened.

  Or the four year old boy who said he flew with the angels. He also said they fed and took care of him.
  At one of the church's the walls caved in. Four men there lifted the walls off of the people and walked off to help other people. Four men don't just lift walls. Angels do.

  The beauty directly after the storm was in new Christians who found there faith during the tornado, and the angels that people encountered after and during the storm. The beauty that came aferward is the fact that our country is pulling together to get over this. My dad is working at JFWC so we are getting to see God's provision first hand, and it is wonderful!!!

  So to all thise who lost in the tornado, God has a plan for you. God has a plan to bring beauty from your pain.

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