Monday, November 21, 2011

In a rush for Christmas!!!!

    I know, I put up my winter decor a little early, but what can I say I enjoy Christmas. It's my favorite holiday.  The music, the lights, the smell. ~ sigh ~ It's so beautiful.

    But most definitely not peaceful. December is one of those months where my family hardly has a day that does not have something going on. We're doing four performances of a play, I'm doing two performances of a Christmas dance with our church dance group, my sister is doing two performances playing Christmas bells, my dad is busy with work, my older brother is looking for a job, and my mom is busy with the Holidays. My little brother... well, I don't think he is doing anything imparticular other than the play. Not to mention the Living Christmas Tree play, Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, planning, cooking, baking, caroling, giving, recieving.

 The most important thing is that we don't lose our focus on Christ. It's really amazing what He did for us! It's amazing how much God loves us. He really is incredible!!!!!!!!!!

 Well, until I write again,

 Happy Thanksgiving!

 (Merry Christmas!!!!!!!)

Teen for the Lord

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