Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Happy Holiday

  The leaves have fallen, the sky is grey, the cold has come and is here to stay. Thanksgiving approaches, carols are in the air. The turkey is soon to be roasted, there are parties to be hosted. Chestnuts will be toasted,  Celebrating a day that comes but once a year. A day that, as a child my dad eagerly anticipated, but as he grows older it may become a fear.

  A birthday is as such. A holiday for one person in your home, a holiday not to be spent alone. A holiday all by it's self, that doesn't celebrate riches and wealth. But  a another great year past in the child of God born on that day.

  On the Sunday of this week, we will celebrate my father. No parties or streamers, or movie theaters. Just some R&R, praise to the Lord, a few presents, and maybe some hustle and bustle.

So remember these special days, when some people in the world stay on their separate ways, not bothering to pay others heed when they are really in need.

Teen for the Lord

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