Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Excellence in Literature Review

  Excellence in literature was a rather intimidating idea. I had never taken a literature class before and it was for 8-12 grades. Not a problem. I'm 14. But I still, didn't really want to do it.

  I have changed my mind. I actually kind of look forward to the lessons. And really they aren't like lessons at all. It's more like reading books then doing a detailed book report. So far I have only had to do an approach paper, and one literature summary.   

  It's most definitely going to be a good class. I don't particularly like to have to read old books, but I can understand their angle. Old literature is often richer with words, emotions, and truths. Thus it makes for a better source of information.

  They give you a basic layout for each month. I'm on week two of Unit. I am reading a short story then doing a literature summery. I'll be doing two of those. Then I'll do three more between this Saturday and the end of next week.

  I have had problems accessing the links, that are provided to attain the literature. That is just about the only thing that is really wrong with it.

  So, if you like to write, read, and you need to improve your typing, I most definitely recommend this course.


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