Monday, December 17, 2012

Chrstmas is the Best Time of the Year!


 This weekend was very, very busy. We had an outreach at our church. We were giving away toys and salvation. That's right. The people that came through for toys had to go through a check out point. Once they had gone through, they were sent to the next station. I'll call it the Salvation station. Several people were there to pray with the people and share the salvation message with them. Over one hundred people accepted Christ through that alone. There's more.

The wisemen bring an offering.
  On Sunday, we had a special service. We had a guest speaker, giveaways, special activities for the kids, and lunch afterward. Our dance team also performed a human video to "This is Christmas" by Kutless.  The lyrics of the song asked have we lost the reason for Christmas. The first verse showed a couple dealing with the pressure of a modern day Christmas. The second showed the Christmas story. In the end the angels, couple, signers, and wisemen recognize Jesus as the reason for the season.

Glorifying the Lord.

After that, Riley Stephenson, with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, spoke and asked anyone who wanted to accept the Lord to come to the front. Now, I had worked at the Salvation station, so I had spoken to a couple of people I knew I wanted to go forward. One of them didn't, but another was sitting there and I walked over and asked if she would come up. And (Thank you Jesus!!!) she came up with me. Riley was done leading everyone in the praye,r so I got to pray with her. It blessed me so much!! And I think she was blessed, too. That was the best part of the whole weekend fo me!

I thank the Lor dfor what He has done this week in the hearts of His people. He is so, so faithful. Remember that.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!

Jesus truly is the reason for the season.

Teen for the Lord

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