Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love Letter from God: Part 1

 "You are My rose," He said.
 The girl looked up from her reading. She knew her Lord's voice. He was speaking to her. She quietly closed her Bible and opened her journal. "I'm ready, Father."

The King smiled down on His beautiful creation and spoke. "You are a rose, not spotted or blemished. You stay in My garden growing, learning, and  maturing.very day I come to water you. Some days I carefully prune you.  As I do, you complain and cry."

She grimaced, but kept writing.

"But I, being The Gardener, know it is for the best, and the next day you thank me," He smiled at this familiar act of His creations.

"Child, your beauty is without compare, your petals keep you safe from prying eyes, and your thorns ward off any unwanted passers by from breaking your stem of purity."

 She smiled at the truth in His words.

 "Some days, you prick even Me. But I let you. NO price is to high for me to pay to be with you.  I never prune what will not be pruned. I will whisper in your ear, and speak gently to you, reproving and nurturing you. I will never give up on you even when you reject Me. When you have shriveled up and died, as My heart shatters, I will throw you to the refuse heap and there you will go back to the dust you came from."

  " You are my portion. My love. I long to be pursued by you. To talk with you. I long to show you the World. To walk you through the dark places and bring you out of them with you leaning on My arm. I love you.
                                                             YOU ARE MINE!"

 Teen for the Lord

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful!
    You're a gifted writer.
    You've got a beautiful spirit and God's Holy Spirit is shining through you.



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