Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who is He?

Who is He?
He is Alpha and Omega.
He is the Beginning and the End.

He is our Protector.
He is our Provider.
He is our Healer.
He is Mighty.
He is Lord.

He is the Father.
He is the Son.
He is the Spirit.
He is the One.

Who is He that He sent His son?
Who is He that He died for us?
Who is He that He loves us?

He is the King of Kings.
He is the Lord of Lords.
He is the Lord Mighty in Battle.
He is God!

He is the Victor.
He is the Healer.
He is the Conqueror.
He is the Power!

Who is this King of Glory?


He conquers death!
He heals the broken!
 He covers sin!
He lifts the fallen!
 He calms the oceans!
He stomps the Devil and moves your mountain!!

He is your Father.
He is your Mother.
He is your Lover.
He is your God.

So worship Him.

Teen for the Lord

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