Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tradition! Tradition!

 Christmas traditions...
We all have them, and those who don't need to develop some, and quick. 
In my family, we have LOTS of traditions. Some of them are not even known to the whole family. Some are personal and that person doesn't even realize it until they say, "But it's tradition!
One of our traditions is decorating the tree. 
Traditionally, we kids put the tree together...
 Mom does the final fru-fru...
and the lights... Well, that varies. 
But it eventually gets done and then comes the fun part...
My parents get a decoration for each of us kids and one for them every year, so we have a lot. 
By the end of this year we should have (approximately) 91 official ornaments.
Not to mention all the extras. 
 But in the end, it's worth it. 

Next we decorate the outside of the house.
 Trying to put up the lights without a trip to the E.R. is somewhat challenging, huh?

The finished product! 

 We don't usually make cookies as a family, but we did this year and it was voted to be a family tradition from now on.
 My prize cookie.
 My sister Amy with her "Minions".

The first snow!

 Our woods.

Tiger decided that he was going to test the ice on the creek, but since we live in Missouri, we never get thick ice. I knew that if he jumped and couldn't swim out, then one of us would jump in and rescue him.
So we caught him and carried back home. Obviously, he wasn't thrilled with the idea. 

These are only a few of ours. 
What are some of your favorite traditions? 
Leave a comment below.

Merry Christmas!

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