Friday, January 3, 2014

My Field Trip to the ER

 We went to Kansas City for New Year's day to celebrate Christmas with my Grannie Annie and Grandpa Jim. We saw some of our relatives and met a new addition.
Now it's been a long time. I may have met him before, but I don't think so.
We aren't very connected with our extended family. I wish we were.
Anyway, it was pretty good, but promptly drew to an end after Hunter decided to pee all over me.
Luckily my Grannie had some extra clothes to change into.
After that we left early and got home right when it started to get really snowy.
We relaxed for a while. I got out one of the games we had been given and started playing with it.
(It was packaged in a way that you could try it out before you bought it.)
Then I decided to open it. With my brand new knife.
I was trying to cut one of those hard plastic zip ties and I was holding the package at an odd angle.
I thought, " This doesn't look good."
I looked down.
I had cut open my finger. Badly.

My parents rushed me to the emergency room. I was really tense! I don't think I've ever been that tense before. I don't like needles and I had never had stitches. I didn't want stitches.
But once we got in, it wasn't that bad. After the doctor numbed my hand it was really cool to watch him stitch it up.
Ironic isn't it.
I don't like needles, but it was awesome to watch him.
(Only because I wasn't in pain!)
So an hour, a trip to the ER, and six stitches later we were driving  home again.
Let me just say that this was not the ideal way to start out my new year.
I can't get it wet for ten days, so I can't wash dishes, not to the liking of my siblings, but I figured out yesterday I can dry.
Thank goodness! Michael was ready to start counting how many meals I missed.
Anyway, it's uncomfortable, but it could be a lot worse.
So thank you, Jesus!
God bless y'all!

P.S.  From Emily's mom.
Thank you, Emily, for not including the photos that you took at the emergency room!

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