Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let it go! In a whole new way!

  This guy is amazing! Then again, I'm a huge Disney fan! I was literally on the ground laughing at his Scuttle impression! And of course I loved Jack's voice. Timon and Pumbaa, Pooh and Tigger, Mickey and Goofy were incredibly good! The laughs just make it! My hat's off to you, Brian Hull! Check out his other stuff on YouTube. Just type in Brian Hull.

  As you might have guessed, our house has been filled with The Sound of Frozen for the last couple days... mainly Let it Go. So this post is for all of you Disney fans who are going to adore this version and you Frozen fanatics who are going to say that this is a mockery of the original song and that he didn't do a good job and that he had no right to ruin the song like that etc., etc., etc.
   God Bless,

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