Sunday, June 8, 2014

Disney Q & A !

  I am sorry I haven't posted anything since Easter.  We've been a little distracted and busy at my house as of late. I am finally posting again, and I hope you enjoy it.
  These questions were part of a blog party that Anna hosted on her blog. Check it out. Also, my friend Natalie posted her answers on her blog. I was too late to join the party, but I decided to answer them anyway. The ones that took the longest to decide? Favorite male character and favorite prince.

So I invite to pull up a chair, as Blogger  proudly presents...
My answers.

1. Why do you love Disney?
    The music.

2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
    I have been trying to decide. It comes down to Belle and Pocahontas.

3. Who is your favorite Disney female character?
    The Wardrobe in Beauty and the Beast. I love her to pieces! She'd be the perfect lady in waiting.

4. Who is your favorite Disney prince?
    Wow. Ummmmmm..... I'd have to say Edward from Enchanted. He's handsome, sings incredibly, loves passionately... he just needed an adventure to help him find his "beautiful lady".

5. Who is your favorite Disney male character?
    I don't know.  But if all else fails...
6. Who is your favorite Disney Villain?
     Captain Hook. We used to watch Peter Pan ALL THE TIME when I was little. So he holds a special place in my heart.~smile~
7. What is/are your favorite Disney Song(s)?
    I reserve judgement. I've Got a Dream from Tangled is VERY high on the list, but I won't declare a favorite. But here are few more:  Savages, Just around the River Bend, Hakuna Matata (LOVE IT!), Mother Knows Best ( and Reprise), Mine, Mine, Belle, Trashin' the Camp, and the list goes on and on.

8. What is your favorite Disney Movie?
     Pocahontas. It has my favorite soundtrack.

9. What was the first Disney movie that you saw (or remember for that matter!)?
     I don't know. I have a really old memory of Snow White, but I don't think it was the first one I ever saw.

10. Do you prefer the older Disney movies or the newer ones?
     In the middle ones?? : ) Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, Pirates of the Caribbean...

11. Tangled or Frozen? (Mwaaahhhaaahhaaa! ;))
     TANGLED!!!! Sorry! Please, if you start a Frozen v.s. Tangled revolt on me, I may end up looking like this...


12. Favorite Disney Pixar Movie?
     "He took the name Metroman. I chose something a little more humble...

 Incredibly handsome master of all villainy!"
(Truthfully, he's my favorite "villain". But really, does he even count?)

Disney pictures from Google Images.


  1. What a fun post! It's hard to pick favorites, not sure I could do it!

  2. I love this post! :) Megamind is awesome! and Frozen, Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean, this list could goes on and on and on :)



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