Friday, February 11, 2011

Just Goofin' Around

Hello, Everyone. Today I was cleaning some of my drawers out and I found this version of  Thank God I'm a Country Boy.

 My chicken sneezes,                                                
 My goat she's nuts, 
 My old dog wouldn't chase a duck.
 But, with all this hard earned luck,
 Thank God I'm a country girl.

 I run down to the creek to play,
 But my dog, at home he'd rather stay.
 All this fun in one single day,
 Thank God I'm a country girl.

 My pa he works hard each day,
 Our friends, thay bundle up hay.
 I thank God for every single day,
 Thank God I'm a country girl.

 Throw on some boots,
 Throw on some jeans,
 Go on out and pick some beans.
 Three spuare meals every day,
 Thank God I'm a country girl.

 Down in the creek we laugh and play,
 Pickin' flowers on the way.
 Enjoy every single day,
 Thank God I'm a country girl.

 Got a good family,
 Mom and Dad,
 And us kids even though we can be bad.
 We love each other in the right way,
 Thank God I'm a country girl!
 Thank... God.... I'm A Country Girl!!!!

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