Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn at last!

   Hi, everybody! Once again, I have managed to not blog for two weeks. Must be a hidden talent.
   Fall is finally here! Yesterday I was outside my church and I got a whiff of fall time fragrances and I nearly swooned! ( I'm just a little melodramatic sometimes.) Fall is my favorite time of the year besides Christmas. All the spicey smells, pumpkins, hay, festivals, parties, costumes, and bonfires! ~~sigh~~
 I'm still waiting for the leaves on the top of the maple tree in our front yard to turn a bright fiery orange. A sure sign that fall is here at last!

   A local festival that our close friends put on every year is next week. I'm excited! The first festival of the season!

  From here on out until Christmas almost every weekend has something planned. My mom informed me of this yesterday. Even November already has plans. Oh, well! It'll be fun!

  Anyway my blog background will be changing soon!
  Something autumny I should think.
  Enjoy the weather!

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