Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pretty Thrifty: My Brand New Flexi Clip

Hi Everybody!
I got a new Flexi clip! 
My mom won it from one of her blog friends, Judith at Whole Hearted Home, as a birthday present for me.
She was about a month early! : ) 
She let me choose which one I wanted and what size. The affiliate links are for Judith's Lilla Rose business.   I considered which size  I needed. The Medium often is too small to hold twisted hairstyles, and the Large is frequently challenged by the thickness of the many different styles of bun that I use. So I went for an Extra Large.
 When I received the Flexi, it was beautiful!! I love the colors. It matches my hair so well, my sister had a hard time getting a good picture of it. 
 But do you want to know what I found out?
Either I have some big hair, or my hair is a different texture than that of the girls in the sizing video. Probably a little bit of both. Still, I can't get even the X large to go over my full bun. What do you know!
I don't show this hairstyle with much pride. I simply wanted to show how much of my hair is contained in the XL. Granted, I was simply trying to get my hair up and not too worried about getting it to look pretty, secure, or neat. In any case, I think I could probably use the Mega Flexi
My goal is to give you an idea of how Flexis fit in my hair. Everyone's hair is a different, texture, and style. 
I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering purchasing a new Flexi. I love mine and I hope you will love yours, too. Click any of the links to visit their website. Have a great week and God bless you all!
Teen for the Lord
Earrings: $0.00
T-shirt (clearance Wal-Mart):$3.00
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
Flexi clip: $0.00
Total: $4.00

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  1. That Flexi is so pretty! Cannot wait until your next blog post!



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