Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty Thrifty with a Twist

Here's new Pretty Thrifty for y'all.

 Earrings (made by me)
Shirt (given to me)
Sweater: $3.00
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
(Correction to all other posts with the same skirt. Sorry!)
Boots (garage sale): $1.00

 Headband (made by me)
Shirt (given to me)
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
Shoes (garage sale): $1.00

My sister takes nearly all my pictures. Today as we were shooting, she got some pictures of my cat. She claims that he is more photogenic than I am, and that he poses better than I do. 
What do you think?

So after a successful days shooting,
we promptly jumped in a mud puddle!

 It was fun, and it actually softened our skin!

Well, what are you waiting for? 
November is the month to count your blessings, eat turkey, and jump in mud puddles!
So enjoy it and God bless you!
Teen for the Lord

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