Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Good guys, and bad guys, and some guys in between. "

  Monday night I saw "Pirates of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" for the first time. (I know, I know; and it came out how long ago?)  Still, I enjoyed the dialogue; all the various tidbits of comedy sprinkled throughout it just made me giggle! And of course my favorite character was Jack Sparrow... excuse me! That's Captain Jack Sparrow!
  We had to wait until our mom got home from the grocery store, because she wanted to see one scene near the beginning. So by the time we started the movie, it was about 10:30 p.m. Suffice it to say we had a late night. But now I know why she wanted to see it.
  If you're a fan of  the Princess Bride, then you were probably giggling some when Jack Sparrow and Will Turner had their little sword fight in the blacksmith's shop.
  Now if you haven't seen the Princess Bride, then you have been deprived and should proceed to watch it in the very near future. In the mean time, here a a couple snippets from both movies.
 That is why my mom made us wait for her!
   My favorite sword fight ever!

 I hope you enjoyed them both! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pink, Silver, and (ouch!) Conviction!

Thanks to my sister for the photography
Visit her blog here.
 Ear rings (free)
Scarf (garage sale): $1.00
Shirt (given to me)
Tank top: $5.00
Jeans (garage sale): $1.00
Boots (garage sale): $1.00
  I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to get posted, but it didn't. I just didn't want to go back and figure all the particulars out. ~~guilty grin~~
  Enjoy anyway!
  About a little over a week ago a lady in our church died. She was a beautiful, loving kind and caring woman of God. My dad worked with her and my mom was rather close to her. We went to her memorial on Saturday. Despite the fact it was a sad reason to get together, it was a good time. We had worship and we ( the church body ) came together and supported each other, helping with food, clean up, and loving one another. God has promised us in His word He will turn things out for our good. Charity's passing has awakened some of us to the fact that we are a family, and we need to act and love like it. We are a family because we have to support each other. After all, WWJD? ~~smile~~

  For me, it has made me wonder what people would say about me if I were to die or suddenly leave. Would they say I was a servant, loved  God and people? Or would they be glad that I was gone? So I guess it has made me want to love completely, without expecting anything from others.

  It's good. God is working on me, and honestly, I'm glad. Sometimes it's hard for me to continue to fight and conquer. Unfortunately, He usually has to give me orders for me to do things. I do a lot on my own.

  But, there is grace in abundance. I was reminded of that this weekend. In the sermon Sunday, my Pastor talked about the verse that says "a righteous man may fall seven times but he will get up again."
(Proverbs 24:16) I needed that. A righteous man fights. He doesn't give up when he falls. He grabs the Commander's hand that is stretched out to pick him up and KEEPS ON FIGHTING!

  Also we are fighting from victory. Christ has conquered everything. Period. So if you are with Him you already have the victory and you just have to defend it. It's like defending a position in a battle. You have the victory, but every once in a while the enemy thinks, " I want that position ", and you'll have to fight him off. Eventually he'll get tired of being beaten and leave you alone. Get the picture?

  In Christ you have the victory! So fight like it! Don't give up! You are a conqueror and coheir with Christ! Live like it!

  God bless you my brother's and sister's.
  "May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." (2 Corinthians 13:14) Amen!
  Teen for the Lord

 After the memorial we kids had a little photo shoot.

Michael is sooo photogenic. But don't tell him I said so.
 A sweet picture of my lovely brother and sister.
This of course quickly took a turn for the worst.
And (of course) Michael won!
Then he turned his wrath on me!
In the end, we all made up and we lived happily ever after!
Tank: $5.00
Sweater (garage sale): $1.00
Skirt (given to me)
Shoes (clearance, Wal-mart): $7.00
Bracelet (garage sale): $0.25


Monday, November 18, 2013

An odd time, but God's time.

  Good morning, everyone! This is going to be a good week. I am going to believe the report of the Lord. He is good. He is just. He is a strong foundation. A rock when I need Him most and least. He is, He was, and always will be. He is the Great I am.

  My Grandma passed away Thursday. It was a surprise. She went into Code Blue (was unresponsive). We prayed for God to bring her back or heal her, but it was her time to go. It hurts. It will hurt. But it will heal. Death is not "the end, but the beginning of life" for believers. So I'm not sad for her. She is so joyful and happy. And she'll be there waiting to hug me when I get to Heaven. God is good.

  Grief is funny. This is the first time that I have lost someone close to me. So I'm learning to grieve, and I'm discovering something; grief doesn't work the same for anyone. We all handle it differently. But it's not fun to learn how to grieve. Really, I don't even like the word. But I guess we all have to go through it at one time or another.

  Some people cry through it all, some get angry and try to stuff it, others don't know how to grieve. But they still do. Some struggle to believe it's reality. They keep pressing through without changing things. They try to laugh through it, remembering the good memories. This is me.

   But through it all, God is working things out in me. It's good; but weird. An odd time, but God's time.

  Your prayers are welcome. Pray that God will bring this all about to glorify Him and that His love and comfort will surround me and my family.
   God Bless ya'll!
   You are precious in the eyes of God!
   Now go and have a blessed, wonderful week!

Faithful Fridays with Joy

Saturday, November 16, 2013

What truely "makes you Beautiful"

These guys know what to look for in a girl. 
God bless them all!
(1:40- 1:41,
Cracks me up!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jean Skirt Tutorial.... Finally!

  A really long time ago, I said I was going to write a tutorial of my Jean Skirt pattern and then didn't do anything with the idea. I got some new jeans a long time ago and had some old ones that were about ready for the dumpster. So, I pulled them out and started cutting.

What you will need:
2 pairs of jeans. One for the body of your skirt and one for the panels.
Pair of scissors.
Thread that matches the color of the pair of jeans you are using for the body.
Sewing machine.
A strong enough needle to go through the jean material. (Most needles meet this specification.)
Large table or ironing board.

Step #1:
Cut along the inside seam of the first pair of jeans.

Second pair of jeans.
Be sure that the fabric isn't wrinkled or it will be uneven after you cut it.

Cut along the inside seam of the legs.
When you're done, you should have two pieces that, spread out, look like this.

Pin the back of the first pair of jeans to one of the panels you just cut.
 Here's a close up of the crotch area. Keep trying it will get flat eventually.
( Be sure to fold in the edges of the legs so that they don't fray visibly. I only fold it once, but it doesn't matter as long as the end product is flat.)

Repeat all of Step# 3 on the front of the skirt, except don't fold in the edge (unless you want to).
Pin along the original seam.
Step#5:Now, sew! Stay right outside of the seam in the front and about  a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch from the edge in the back. When you get to the crotch, sew slowly, and just trust your pinning skills. If you have to, take it out, and try again. 
   You now have a handmade skirt! Congratulations! 
   If you want to, you can add flowers or paisleys; whatever you like! 
                                                            I left mine plain this time.
                                                                           ~ smile ~

For a knee length skirt:
Cut off jeans evenly at the knee.
Follow step 1# on jeans and cut off pieces. 
Take one panel and cut it in half. Cut off the hem. This will be your front and back panels. You should have one pant leg left over. 
Follow steps #3 and #4 and #5. 
Now hem the bottom. Fold it in twice for a tight hold. Sew.

Have a great time sewing! God Bless!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pretty Thrifty with a Twist

Here's new Pretty Thrifty for y'all.

 Earrings (made by me)
Shirt (given to me)
Sweater: $3.00
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
(Correction to all other posts with the same skirt. Sorry!)
Boots (garage sale): $1.00

 Headband (made by me)
Shirt (given to me)
Skirt (made by me): $1.00
Shoes (garage sale): $1.00

My sister takes nearly all my pictures. Today as we were shooting, she got some pictures of my cat. She claims that he is more photogenic than I am, and that he poses better than I do. 
What do you think?

So after a successful days shooting,
we promptly jumped in a mud puddle!

 It was fun, and it actually softened our skin!

Well, what are you waiting for? 
November is the month to count your blessings, eat turkey, and jump in mud puddles!
So enjoy it and God bless you!
Teen for the Lord

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pretty Thrifty Monday Morning

Another Pretty Thrifty!

Shirt (garage sale): $1.00
Tank-top (garage sale): $0.25
Jeans (garage sale): $1.00
Shoes (garage sale): FREE!


This Sunday was really good! The presence of the Lord was so strong and I really enjoyed worship. 
You know, lately God has been dealing with some sin issues in my life.
Don't freak out. We all have problems even if we act like we have it all together. 
 He's shown me lately some of the things that are behind what I'm doing wrong. And they are harder to deal with than the sin itself.
Why? Because they aren't apparent. They are buried deep within me, locked away in my heart. The apparent sin is easier to deal with because I can see it and figure out what triggers it. But the inward sin is much harder to deal with. It's the rope that is tying me to the shore and keeping me from a radical relationship with God. So guess what? He told me at camp this year that I need to let go of all the ropes holding me to the shore. I need to get lost in the ocean of His Love.

I know sin isn't fun to talk about, especially with God, but if we want to know Him we have to rid ourselves of sin. 

Honestly, I'm feel guilty as I'm writing this because I know I'm going to mess up yet again. 
But this is a war. You win some battles, you lose others. The important thing is that you keep pressing onwards.
" I keep pursuing the goal in order to win the prize offered by God’s upward calling in the Messiah Yeshua. "  
(Philippians 3:14)

 Remember that the only person who keeps track of how often you sin is you. 
So when you feel like you can't ask for forgiveness again, you can. God is a god of grace. HE longs for your repentance. Just remember though, that you have to fight to rid yourself of sin. It's like I said in my last post; you can't lay down during the battle. If you lay do, you're going to get trampled.
So keep pressing onwards.
 Be a warrior of the Righteous King.  
Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength!
God bless you all,
Teen for the Lord


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